About Us


About Us

We are a progressing venture taking into account a differing horizon of clients since 2009 in the retail business. Enhanced by the exquisiteness and extravagance of cowhide, we built up our business of hand-made Leather Jackets as a producer and merchant in Australia. On the other hand, we are developing our business with a great diversity of people’s articles of leather jackets.

The task began as a little venture from our Asia-based deals outlet in 2009. Presently, we compel regarded clients around Australia, and so forth. We chose to represent our products and services under the name of United Jacket. At that point, we began to build up our site and showcase ourselves to the whole world. Started our journey as a maker and progressed with retailing, going ahead, we are currently providing outsourcing as well.

Our Products

Here, you will see a collection of remarkable scopes of top-notch cowhide coats for people in our online store. We have done huge incorporations to our online store by customized articles. We promise satisfaction, quality, comfort, and style like no other.

Our Creation

For the creation of articles of clothing, we utilize a huge variety of sheepskins, Buffalo skins, just as dairy animal skins. For example, coats, covers, vests, and style articles of clothing for women and men, are totally made with consultation and determination of the highest grades of skin. Our Women’s Genuine leather motorcycle jackets showcase creativity and femininity with exquisiteness and intricacy. Similarly, our Men’s Real Leather Bomber Jacket shows power and extravagance like no other. It can definitely turn out to be your style statement this season. Different hues as per the patterns and designs are up for snatch.

Quality Control and Customer Service

We promise that you will be pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our items. Additionally, we try to produce the greatest items only. We fulfill the wishes of clients to wear top-notch calfskin jackets. That’s the reason our industrial facility produces the most recent hardware and versatility for creation.

Our Qualified Staff

Qualified personnel to deal with all our creations. Who keep up the exacting quality control guidelines at all phases of creation till the completion and bundling of articles of clothing. The whole embellishment and crude materials for the production of articles of clothing are imported. Accordingly, they have completed item esteem and a rich look. Our well-prepared and experienced staff can create any structures as indicated by the client’s prerequisites and adjustments with our Custom Leather Jacket in Australia.

Our Aim

The United Jacket has all the intentions to provide the best articles and administrations. We are presently providing an opportunity to outsource to clients who need to initiate or carry on their own business with no direct cost. That is the reason we have planned an outsourcing module where we have acquired ventures for membership to become an effective drop shipper.

We Are Focusing On 100% Customer Satisfaction